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The Theif

Our dogs love Nubz. Some people don’t like them because they are part of the nylabone family. They all have great reviews though. Anyway, ours love them which is why we keep using them. They can be expensive but the best place I have… Continue Reading “The Theif”

What Was That?!

Let me tell you about my morning. It was insane. So realize during the summer teachers often take classes from their districts to improve our instruction. Some do it because their principals require it, but others, like myself, do it because we want to… Continue Reading “What Was That?!”

The Winter Wonder-FAIL

To those who don’t believe in climate change, I say to you: you are wrong. No debate that I am aware of can debate that. I am feeling especially sore on the subject at the moment, however I will own that I am have… Continue Reading “The Winter Wonder-FAIL”


I should have shared my journey with our new horse awhile ago. He feels like a fragile little bird sometimes. I’ve mentioned Zeus a time or two, but let me explain more about him. When We decided to sell Snowy, he went to a… Continue Reading “Rehabilitation”

Weirdest Day Ever

I have stated before, but I am going to point out again that I am a teacher. I teach special education in a rural area. It is only 10:34 and today has been the strangest funniest day ever already. On posts that don’t fit… Continue Reading “Weirdest Day Ever”

I am NOT a Horse Trader

I write that title as boldly because as I am in the process of selling a horse it STINKS. So, I bought Snowfire, who is featured on the websites image, in March. The problem is that I bought him to be a horse for… Continue Reading “I am NOT a Horse Trader”