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Weighted Woes

I teach special education, and one tool in our toolbox is weighted items. It might be a shoulder wrap, a lap pad, or just something to hold. The can synthetically simulate, to me, the feeling of being wrapped up in a comforter. If you… Continue Reading “Weighted Woes”

So Many Things

There are so many things I want to talk about now that I am kind of getting internet back. To keep organized I will make a list -Making weighted sensory items -hurricane Irma strikes -selling horses woes -excitement of a new horse -wait how… Continue Reading “So Many Things”

Dusting Off

Going through grad school, working full time, and getting married all at one time has a way of making your hobbies get dusty. Well, I am a teacher. Why does this matter or have anything to do with hobbies? I like to sew. That… Continue Reading “Dusting Off”