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Now What Part 3

There is a document we hand to parents at the beginning of a meeting. It is rarely read. It is called procedural safeguards, or parental rights. This document outlines what expectations there are for a student with a disability. Why does it go unread?… Continue Reading “Now What Part 3”

My Student Has a Disability- now what?

I imagine that my posts sometimes seem impersonal, because I fear sometimes that there is some risk of retaliation, if I say something that someone else wouldn’t like, but I find that is a poor reason not to share and help those who could… Continue Reading “My Student Has a Disability- now what?”

A Little Help

As many of you know, I am a teacher, and what you may not know is that I work in a low income area with special needs students. I spent $500 this year so far on supplies alone. There are some things I really… Continue Reading “A Little Help”

Weirdest Day Ever

I have stated before, but I am going to point out again that I am a teacher. I teach special education in a rural area. It is only 10:34 and today has been the strangest funniest day ever already. On posts that don’t fit… Continue Reading “Weirdest Day Ever”

Things Happen

There are many posts in many blogs saying how busy they get and that is why there is no writing. This is one of those posts. Except I'm also going to go on a mini rant. I am a teacher as I have revealed… Continue Reading “Things Happen”

What Teachers Want Parents to Know

So, I am up for various reasons, see the other blogs if you’d like details, but point being, I’m writing a post that I’d been saving. I have moved to a new school district this year and just from the conversations I’ve overheard from… Continue Reading “What Teachers Want Parents to Know”