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A Shed!

Not many of the readers out there know that I started my career working in technical theater. Meaning, I could often be found constructing a set, working on electrical wire or cabling lighting instruments. The construction we did though, I already knew, was different… Continue Reading “A Shed!”

First Ride

Due to some issues I haven’t been able to ride Zeus since his arrival. I need to update other parts of the site. Anyway, I took him and Holly out with a friend. It was one of those glorious wonderful days where everything went… Continue Reading “First Ride”


Michael and I are still trying to decide how to specialize our farm. I know I owe you guys some posts on my new horse, and the duck pen, but given that I have been fighting a stomach flu, this is the best I… Continue Reading “Specializing”

I Didn’t Expect That

Snowfire has found a new home. I will update the website soon enough because I also need to add some friends. His new home is so perfect for him. They will be able to give him the training and support he needs. I was… Continue Reading “I Didn’t Expect That”

I am NOT a Horse Trader

I write that title as boldly because as I am in the process of selling a horse it STINKS. So, I bought Snowfire, who is featured on the websites image, in March. The problem is that I bought him to be a horse for… Continue Reading “I am NOT a Horse Trader”

When is it Time?

I’m often asked why I don’t focus my hobby farm on horses, since I know them best. Horses are tricky to make money from, expensive and time intensive. That’s the short answer. The longer answer is what happened tonight. My husband is a large… Continue Reading “When is it Time?”