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You Want How Much?

It isn’t a secret that our property has been a work in progress, to put it mildly, but we have made some good strides lately. We now have a pole barn (yes, pictures will come) but the horses don’t yet have access. It isn’t… Continue Reading “You Want How Much?”

The Little Joys

I️ got to work on my tack room a lot this weekend. It is a little joy, but it has made me so excited. I️ Will post pictures soon (I️ know I️ say that a lot, but I️ will do it). It isn’t much,… Continue Reading “The Little Joys”

Irma Recovery

Anyone out there who is married and trying to make a go of hobby farming, you will feel me on this post. So Michael works in utilities and his company sent him to Florida to work on power lines and what not in the… Continue Reading “Irma Recovery”

Ready For Fall

Most people who say they are ready for fall are thinking of Halloween, pumpkin spice everything, or thanksgiving. I love all of those things, but I am dying for fall for a very different reason. Some of you readers out there (thanks you rock)… Continue Reading “Ready For Fall”

The Pump

As I mentioned in a previous post, our pump died. My dad is a plumber so we had a great ally in our corner. The problem is that my husband is an engineer. Unless you are an engineer or are married to one, you… Continue Reading “The Pump”

When It Rains…

It pours. Anyone who owns a home of any kind, but especially a farm, knows there are always a hundred things to do. Often I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount, as aggravated by my anxiety disorder. Our current list is long and slow… Continue Reading “When It Rains…”

Oh the Ducks!

I have been searching for solutions for what we need for our ducks. They have been in a temporary enclosure since we got them. Well, at first, they were in a brooder, aka our bath tub. I can’t believe how much bigger they are… Continue Reading “Oh the Ducks!”