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The Theif

Our dogs love Nubz. Some people don’t like them because they are part of the nylabone family. They all have great reviews though. Anyway, ours love them which is why we keep using them. They can be expensive but the best place I have… Continue Reading “The Theif”

What Was That?!

Let me tell you about my morning. It was insane. So realize during the summer teachers often take classes from their districts to improve our instruction. Some do it because their principals require it, but others, like myself, do it because we want to… Continue Reading “What Was That?!”


Hello readers who stuck it out with me. Others, miss ya, sorry I had website issues. So, I am going to tell you about some scams I’ve encountered that because I could tell they were scams, were hilarious to me, but could be useful… Continue Reading “Scams”

The Little Joys

I️ got to work on my tack room a lot this weekend. It is a little joy, but it has made me so excited. I️ Will post pictures soon (I️ know I️ say that a lot, but I️ will do it). It isn’t much,… Continue Reading “The Little Joys”

Purina Problem

I cannot believe it has been 10 days since my last post. I guess this is the time of year where everything speeds up, at least for me. I know that isn’t the case for everyone though, so if it is a hard time… Continue Reading “Purina Problem”

New Found Family

Sarah has been a close friend for many years. It’s always difficult to ask for help. She needed help but frankly, so did we! We needed help desperately with the farm work. She needed a stable home, but I won’t go into that, it’s… Continue Reading “New Found Family”

Another Week

I posted about my weight for the first time approximately a week ago. I have not weighed myself yet, and don’t think I will for each blog post, because the number of the scale can be disheartening. Instead I want to talk about somethings… Continue Reading “Another Week”

A Shed!

Not many of the readers out there know that I started my career working in technical theater. Meaning, I could often be found constructing a set, working on electrical wire or cabling lighting instruments. The construction we did though, I already knew, was different… Continue Reading “A Shed!”

First Ride

Due to some issues I haven’t been able to ride Zeus since his arrival. I need to update other parts of the site. Anyway, I took him and Holly out with a friend. It was one of those glorious wonderful days where everything went… Continue Reading “First Ride”

Thinking Back

With more rain my work has been slowed so I thought I would think back to when I had ducklings and review a brooding method. We read a recommendation to use a bathroom as our brooder because many people with more experience than me… Continue Reading “Thinking Back”