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You Want How Much?

It isn’t a secret that our property has been a work in progress, to put it mildly, but we have made some good strides lately. We now have a pole barn (yes, pictures will come) but the horses don’t yet have access. It isn’t… Continue Reading “You Want How Much?”

Now What Part 3

There is a document we hand to parents at the beginning of a meeting. It is rarely read. It is called procedural safeguards, or parental rights. This document outlines what expectations there are for a student with a disability. Why does it go unread?… Continue Reading “Now What Part 3”

My Family Doesn’t Get It

Living on a farm is a unique experience. That might be the understatement of a lifetime. The thing is that most the time family not understanding how it works doesn’t really make a big wave or problem with the farm life. That changes when… Continue Reading “My Family Doesn’t Get It”

No Plan B

I don’t think that we ever can really plan for everything. Those of us like me who are worriers, we try a lot. The reality is that you can’t have a back up plan for every situation. I injured my knee at work about… Continue Reading “No Plan B”

Farm Made it Better

I will be posting recipes on my sister blog soon, so look for them. I just wanted to share the simply joy of making a thanksgiving that included work from our own farm. It was just eggs, a great many, but the eggs are… Continue Reading “Farm Made it Better”

Winter is Coming

OK, I’m done letting my nerd shine. However it is true. Winter is right around the corner and that means it is time to start managing getting our herd ready. Or us that means prepping our horses to eat hay. Some think this is… Continue Reading “Winter is Coming”

Frittata Anyone?

We are having an unforeseen problem, for which if anyone has recommendations, I’m all ears. I never anticipated having trouble selling our duck eggs, because we did our research. In our area there is limited if any competition, and plenty of home bakers, bakeries,… Continue Reading “Frittata Anyone?”

A Love Story

This one is going to be mushy, and sweet, and I have to say, I just don’t care. So, before I run off down this rabbit hole, let me rehash Zeus’ story for any of you who don’t know. I bought Zeus about a… Continue Reading “A Love Story”

The Full Progress

Since it has been a minute I figured it was time to give you an update about what is going on around the farm, and what to look for updates on.   Our Irons in the Fire -Selling our duck eggs -Raising chicks (we’ve… Continue Reading “The Full Progress”

Updating the Masses

Hello all! Apologies for the absence, that was the “school starting back” chaos. I am starting back and ready to go with tons to share. I was stock piling stories in the last month, so even if they didn’t get to you, I have… Continue Reading “Updating the Masses”