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The Pause Button

I didn’t realize before owning a farm that my worst enemy would be the pause button. What precisely is the pause button? Things that prevent the work from getting done. What I didn’t anticipate was how many things would set mine off. I am… Continue Reading “The Pause Button”

It’s a Jungle Out There

When the rain is frequent the pasture doesn’t get mowed. Throw in the fact that in this weather it has been sweltering. The humidity has been out of control. So, what does all this mean? Tractor work has been a no go. Yesterday I… Continue Reading “It’s a Jungle Out There”

That’s What I’m Talking About

Our egg collection has been down for a variety of reasons. If you look back then you’ll know I’ve been fighting some predators, molting, etc. I have accepted that with our set up it just might not be in the cards for consistent laying.… Continue Reading “That’s What I’m Talking About”

Where is my Friend?!

I have posted that recently that I have a problem with pests on the farm. In my humble opinion all farms have a pest problem. It’s really only a matter of if the farm acknowledges it and how successful they are at managing them.… Continue Reading “Where is my Friend?!”

The Thing About Rats

A recent discovery has lead me to realize my adversary, the crow, is not the only one. I thought Lucy, the goose, was a guardian enough for many predators. I was mistaken. You see, they are not that incredibly sneaky. The ducks have been… Continue Reading “The Thing About Rats”

Undesired Alarm Clock

I’ve never been particularly bothered by my roosters crowing. We literally have 4 of them, so these things happen. That was until recently. For whatever reason I’ve been waking up at three in the morning and can’t go back to sleep. It is incredibly… Continue Reading “Undesired Alarm Clock”

The Villains

Every farm will have some sort of villain, if I let some of my theatricality show. More pragmatic writers likely refer to them as pests, predators, problems, you get the idea. On our farm we have been very lucky. The horses are easy, because… Continue Reading “The Villains”

A New Pet

It’s difficult to get a bird to be pet like, at least chickens and ducks. It certainly not possible oh, but it requires work. I tried this with my previous ducks however it did not work out. They are excellent egg layers but they’re… Continue Reading “A New Pet”

A Loss

It’s different when you’ve gone through it enough times. I’ve worked in a few commercial farms, so I know what it’s like to lose a horse. It’s harder when you don’t know it’s coming. When they’re young and the accident is unexpected. By that… Continue Reading “A Loss”

We Accidentally Got Goats

Yes. The title is correct. We accidentally got goats. I can’t even make this up. A friend works at a gymnastics gym. Lots of kids and they were in an industrial park. She calls and asks me to come and get them. She wants… Continue Reading “We Accidentally Got Goats”