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That’s What I’m Talking About

Our egg collection has been down for a variety of reasons. If you look back then you’ll know I’ve been fighting some predators, molting, etc. I have accepted that with our set up it just might not be in the cards for consistent laying….

Where is my Friend?!

I have posted that recently that I have a problem with pests on the farm. In my humble opinion all farms have a pest problem. It’s really only a matter of if the farm acknowledges it and how successful they are at managing them….

The Thing About Rats

A recent discovery has lead me to realize my adversary, the crow, is not the only one. I thought Lucy, the goose, was a guardian enough for many predators. I was mistaken. You see, they are not that incredibly sneaky. The ducks have been…

The Villains

Every farm will have some sort of villain, if I let some of my theatricality show. More pragmatic writers likely refer to them as pests, predators, problems, you get the idea. On our farm we have been very lucky. The horses are easy, because…

Frittata Anyone?

We are having an unforeseen problem, for which if anyone has recommendations, I’m all ears. I never anticipated having trouble selling our duck eggs, because we did our research. In our area there is limited if any competition, and plenty of home bakers, bakeries,…

Little Joy

School started so as a teacher you know I’ve been crazy busy. Hence the hiatus. I’m excited share we’ve had our first eggs! And they are delicious next up, the ducks