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Little Joy

School started so as a teacher you know I’ve been crazy busy. Hence the hiatus. I’m excited share we’ve had our first eggs! And they are delicious next up, the ducks


Sorry readers for the unplanned hiatus. Life got really crazy and this was no different. So, we went on a cruise for our anniversary. Parts of it were a much needed vacation. The problem is that when Michael and I disagree its not easily… Continue Reading “Hiatus”

The Little Joys

I️ got to work on my tack room a lot this weekend. It is a little joy, but it has made me so excited. I️ Will post pictures soon (I️ know I️ say that a lot, but I️ will do it). It isn’t much,… Continue Reading “The Little Joys”

Purina Problem

I cannot believe it has been 10 days since my last post. I guess this is the time of year where everything speeds up, at least for me. I know that isn’t the case for everyone though, so if it is a hard time… Continue Reading “Purina Problem”

Thinking Back

With more rain my work has been slowed so I thought I would think back to when I had ducklings and review a brooding method. We read a recommendation to use a bathroom as our brooder because many people with more experience than me… Continue Reading “Thinking Back”


Michael and I are still trying to decide how to specialize our farm. I know I owe you guys some posts on my new horse, and the duck pen, but given that I have been fighting a stomach flu, this is the best I… Continue Reading “Specializing”

What’s Got You Down Little Ducky?

As many of you readers out there know we have ducks. I love them as much as I can considering they view me as a fire breathing death trap. In the last couple of week though I have had a problem that I can’t… Continue Reading “What’s Got You Down Little Ducky?”

So Many Things

There are so many things I want to talk about now that I am kind of getting internet back. To keep organized I will make a list -Making weighted sensory items -hurricane Irma strikes -selling horses woes -excitement of a new horse -wait how… Continue Reading “So Many Things”

Duck Land

Cooler weather means I have started my projects and I am thrilled. My first project is a new duck pen. Pictures to come. I am wrapping the ducks pen around the outside of my dog fence. They will still have the protection of the… Continue Reading “Duck Land”

Soft Hearted Farming

When I decided I would be starting a hobby farm with my husband, I knew I had a weakness. I am soft hearted when it comes to animals. I always have been. So as many of you know we ended up with five drakes.… Continue Reading “Soft Hearted Farming”