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A Lame Horse

A horse going lame is a difficult thing. Sometimes it is easy to fix, sometimes not so much. Previous posts have revealed how Zeus, while hardy and not a complainer, has many things that happen with him. In summary the poor guy has a… Continue Reading “A Lame Horse”

The Pause Button

I didn’t realize before owning a farm that my worst enemy would be the pause button. What precisely is the pause button? Things that prevent the work from getting done. What I didn’t anticipate was how many things would set mine off. I am… Continue Reading “The Pause Button”

A New Pet

It’s difficult to get a bird to be pet like, at least chickens and ducks. It certainly not possible oh, but it requires work. I tried this with my previous ducks however it did not work out. They are excellent egg layers but they’re… Continue Reading “A New Pet”

My Country for a Barn

When people think of a farm they automatically think of what of these: My property hasn’t had one because it was split from a property next door. So, we are getting one this weekend but we have been trying to figure out how it… Continue Reading “My Country for a Barn”

Crime Study Farm Edition

The Suspect:¬†Eupatorium capillifolium Aka Dog Fennel The Crimes:¬† -Pasture destruction -Harboring fugitives (members of the various pest gangs including the Rodent Brothers and the Fly Guys) -Disturbing the Peace (walking through this is a nightmare) -Resisting arrest (can’t be cut with a regular lawn… Continue Reading “Crime Study Farm Edition”