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Newest Addition

We have made a new addition and she will be the last to awhile. She isn't on the about us page, but I'll get to that. Our dog Willy has been on his own too long and needed a friend. I also wouldn't have… Continue Reading “Newest Addition”

The Pump

As I mentioned in a previous post, our pump died. My dad is a plumber so we had a great ally in our corner. The problem is that my husband is an engineer. Unless you are an engineer or are married to one, you… Continue Reading “The Pump”

What Teachers Want Parents to Know

So, I am up for various reasons, see the other blogs if you’d like details, but point being, I’m writing a post that I’d been saving. I have moved to a new school district this year and just from the conversations I’ve overheard from… Continue Reading “What Teachers Want Parents to Know”

When It Rains…

It pours. Anyone who owns a home of any kind, but especially a farm, knows there are always a hundred things to do. Often I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount, as aggravated by my anxiety disorder. Our current list is long and slow… Continue Reading “When It Rains…”

Daisy Duke

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of full adult feathers so we could tell them apart and properly name them. To our shock, Daisy is not Daisy. You see, we were told when we rescued her she was a mallard. Except then as… Continue Reading “Daisy Duke”

Oh the Ducks!

I have been searching for solutions for what we need for our ducks. They have been in a temporary enclosure since we got them. Well, at first, they were in a brooder, aka our bath tub. I can’t believe how much bigger they are… Continue Reading “Oh the Ducks!”

Introducing Us

Hello everyone reading! My name is Cayla Lambert. My husband Michael and I bought 10 acres of land in the beautiful area outside of Atlanta. We are starting pretty much from scratch. The land is beautiful but it used to be part of a… Continue Reading “Introducing Us”