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Feeling Down

Post holidays funk is alive and well here on this farm. On a farm the plus side is there is always enough to do that it limits how bent out of shape you can really get. The down side is that life must go… Continue Reading “Feeling Down”

Holidays on the Farm

The funny thing about farms is that as we all know the farm couldn’t care less if it is a holiday. The animals all still demand their feedings and woe to you if it is late. Well, it was late, and other than a… Continue Reading “Holidays on the Farm”

A Quiet Night

It’s been more than a night. I use the phrase because, well, it sounds nice. The reality is though our farm has been fairly quiet for over a month now, and quiet is good. It simply means there hasn’t been much going on. Frankly,… Continue Reading “A Quiet Night”

Waste Not Want Not

The phrase is often used by farmers. It’s our bread and butter in a sense. We recently acquired some milk. By some I mean several gallons. A friend had extra from a business that was about to go bad. Michael is crafty in the… Continue Reading “Waste Not Want Not”

A Tough Cookie

Zeus is not a cookie, nor is it his name, but he is in fact a tough one. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of tolerance this animal has. He just has bad luck in terms of his reaction to fungus,… Continue Reading “A Tough Cookie”


I had the farriers out today on schedule, and it was a blend of news. The good is that Zeus’ feet are generally much healthier. I was told the white line and scratches look much better. Excellent. Recently Zeus has been picky about picking… Continue Reading “Answers”

The Catch

With every type of weather on a farm there’s a catch. I know I talk about the weather often, and this post is not exactly about the weather. This is more about White Line Disease. Zeus, affectionately known as Zuzu has white line and… Continue Reading “The Catch”

A Summer That Never Ends

The title was intended to be a Game of Thrones joke, since in the show they often idealize the concept of a summer that never ends. Even the concept of a long summer is directly mentioned. Well, the people of Westeros did not live… Continue Reading “A Summer That Never Ends”

Wild Duck Chase

A nightmare started the other day. I get texts at 7 am while out of state asking if my ducks are in their pen. Being that I’m 6 hours away and adoring of my ducks, I start freaking out. They were bought from California… Continue Reading “Wild Duck Chase”

A Lame Horse

A horse going lame is a difficult thing. Sometimes it is easy to fix, sometimes not so much. Previous posts have revealed how Zeus, while hardy and not a complainer, has many things that happen with him. In summary the poor guy has a… Continue Reading “A Lame Horse”