Getting Inky

I am reviewing a book today that has been out for awhile. Why? Because there are great books that get ignored because they are not written about, or still talked about. The book I am discussing is Inkspell. It is the sequel to Inkheart. The author, Cornelia Funke, has written many great books, though I have only read the two I've already mentioned, Dragon Rider, and The Thief Lord. I want to discuss this book because I have been pleasantly surprised. I found it difficult to get through Inkheart. The story was good but it felt as though it dragged on. I often find that the second book in a trilogy is the weakest, but I think Inkspell is far stronger than Inkheart. The basics you need to know for the whole ink trilogy is that Mo, a book binder, has a special gift. His wife vanished when his daughter Meggie was quite small and it was related to this gift or curse. Beyond that, I can't tell you much without spoiling the books. Inkspell was much more sophisticated than Inkheart. There is a stronger sense of urgency, as though the play games of childhood have passed. The danger is more than ever before, and the characters seem more human now. No one is perfect and the complex layers of those characters is finally visible.
It is worth the read. You can get mass market paperbacks for less than $10.
I may revisit and share thoughts on the Inkheart movie. Anyone interested?

Ready For Fall

Most people who say they are ready for fall are thinking of Halloween, pumpkin spice everything, or thanksgiving. I love all of those things, but I am dying for fall for a very different reason. Some of you readers out there (thanks you rock) may be familiar with what summer is like in the southeastern part of the United States. For those who are not, here is a quick snap of the weather for a day in the coming week. We are on a cool spell at the moment from rain I might at

It is unseasonably cool at the moment. It means it is pretty much unbearable to work outside mostly, or raining. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love corn mazes, bonfires, apple orchards, Halloween and thanksgiving. There is always a million things going on, which I like. This year, I'm excited to get some work done! My current to do list includes:
Putting up a shed
Expanding the duck pen
Putting up a hay barn
adding horse fencing to divide pasture
Planning layout for most major projects. This one I can kind of work on now but for me I end up needing to walk the pasture.

And last, eventually, get some FEMALE ducks

Things Happen

There are many posts in many blogs saying how busy they get and that is why there is no writing. This is one of those posts. Except I'm also going to go on a mini rant. I am a teacher as I have revealed and school is back in session. I love where I am at and am enjoying my job despite some hiccups. I have to be a little vague here for confidentiality but I still think there is value in this. Too often people do not consider what we are teaching our kids. My job is to consider the things kids are intentionally taught but we don't have pedagogy telling us perfectly what to do about the accidental lessons. Some of those lessons come from teachers and some from home. This week I am contemplating the lesson of wrath. Children perceive it as acceptable to handle their issues with rage if they observe adults do it. Or what about quitting a job before it's done? Shouldn't we be teaching kids to see a task finished the right way?

The Odds Were Not in Our Favor

We wanted ducks for several reasons. The biggest reason is that I love ducks. The other reasons is we were thinking that we would sell eggs. It was cheaper and quite frankly more exciting to go to tractor supply and pick up ducklings. I knew how to identify the khakis, and wanted to do it that way.

The Hubs, aka Michael, is good at math. Not just good, he loves it. He is great at that and organizing. He figured that if we got 6 ducks odds were we would get at least 3 hens. It was a good guess. However…

You can determine for sure what sex a duck is based on its tail feathers once it reaches a certain age, for mine around 15 weeks. When it happens it looks like this
Well, our plans to sell eggs are on hold. Right now we think we have 4 drakes and 2 hens. That translates into about a dozen eggs a week. Not good for selling. We are not going to get more until we have the ducks set up completely. Next time, we will be buying pre sexed ducklings!

Newest Addition

We have made a new addition and she will be the last to awhile. She isn't on the about us page, but I'll get to that. Our dog Willy has been on his own too long and needed a friend. I also wouldn't have said no to a dog good for being a farm dog. We are now welcoming a blue heeler Australian Shepard mix (also known as a Texas Heeler) to the family. We've named her Rocket. She has a raccoon like mask and being the nerds that we are we thought of Guardians of the Galaxy.
Michael, aka the hubs, has never had a young puppy. He's only gotten older dogs. There isn't anything wrong with that, we just wanted a baby to ensure a good transition with Willy. As someone who works with rescue there is plenty of value in adult dogs, and in the future that is likely the route we will go. Here she is

Found Treasures

Since the move I have been missing something I love. My 3DS. Yes, as an adult I still have one. I really only use it for one thing: Pokémon. I still love it. I'm currently working my way through Pokémon Sun and Moon. I don't use it for much else really. I just found out my Saladit won't evolve and am quite sad.

While I'm on my Geek Blog post I have to share about another treasure we recovered. We found our board games! I didn't know about the games beyond family style until I was in college. The Gateway Game for me was Settlers of Catan. Later a boss showed me more. My current list of loves include:

Settlers of Catan, something's don't change
Pandemic, my brother in law had to teach me, more on that later
Forbidden Island

I also just learned there is a whole section at DragonCon for board games! As for the Pandemic story, let's just say it's rude to constantly question someone trying to teach you something

The Pump

As I mentioned in a previous post, our pump died. My dad is a plumber so we had a great ally in our corner. The problem is that my husband is an engineer. Unless you are an engineer or are married to one, you don't know what that means. Engineers are a rare breed. Often they think they are always right. Some lack common sense. All of them want to know how things work, debate, and generally be inquisitive. That doesn't sound bad right? Well imagine the craftsman type. The plumbers, electricians, and carpenters of the world. They may not know the science but it is their job to make it work (thanks Tim Gunn). The engineer often knows the science but hasn't done it first hand. The ask questions though, a lot of questions. Mix that with a craftsman whose goal is to do the best work in the shortest time and you get a recipe for disaster. In my case, we had water, both men were ok later, and I was left worried and tired. Point is, the water is back.