What Teachers Want Parents to Know

So, I am up for various reasons, see the other blogs if you’d like details, but point being, I’m writing a post that I’d been saving. I have moved to a new school district this year and just from the conversations I’ve overheard from parents in the school supply aisle I am psyched. Parents who are on kids about having a pencil! Won’t work, but appreciated nonetheless. The title of this post is what teachers want you to know. I have been fortunate in the level of support from parents, but I know many teachers get complaints about requests for tissues, disinfectant wipes, and dry erase markers among other things. What we want parents to understand is that we request these things and then still spend huge amounts on our class. I have spent over $200 so far. Yes there are programs that give away supplies. They are not common, and time consuming. What teachers want you to know is that we understand the supply list may feel long, and some items may seem like something that isn’t your responsibility, but by the end of year we have spent much of our time and money too. If you just do the best you can we appreciate it. Please just don’t complain. We teach because we love it not because it’s easy. We get a family may not be able to afford everything. Do your best and be there for your kids. We will help and do our best too

When It Rains…

It pours. Anyone who owns a home of any kind, but especially a farm, knows there are always a hundred things to do. Often I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount, as aggravated by my anxiety disorder. Our current list is long and slow moving in the Georgia heat.
What brings me to write at the moment is the drop that has figuratively made the bucket overflow. Luckily it is ridiculous so I find myself laughing. Like many farms we have a well, A healthy well. Our well pump is less than healthy. It is old and we knew it would need to be replaced sooner or later. We were hoping for later since there is so much in the sooner category. Unfortunately when a person finds them self in a shower with no water, and no water anywhere else, the pump shifts to the sooner category. Especially when the hubs already went out to try and prime it, only to find the pump is smoking. I wish a nicotine addicted pump was the issue but alas, it is doubtful. My father luckily, is an excellent plumber and will likely be out soon. Need a recommendation metro Atlanta? Click the word plumber. Until then, talk to your pumps about tobacco addiction lest they start smoking too….

Daisy Duke

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of full adult feathers so we could tell them apart and properly name them. To our shock, Daisy is not Daisy. You see, we were told when we rescued her she was a mallard. Except then as she lost her down it became apparent she was white. Ok, so maybe a partially albino mallard. Part of the question became what if she's a Pekín. Simply put, she's too small to be a Pekín, so we are some kind of confused. Until I went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. At the petting zoo, we encountered a different breed of duck called a Call Duck. They were used to bring out wild ducks for hunters. They looked like small Pekíns but loud! We sexed them by call, and Daisy was loud. The problem is some curly white feathers appeared. We now know that Daisy is in fact, Duke.

Oh the Ducks!

I have been searching for solutions for what we need for our ducks. They have been in a temporary enclosure since we got them. Well, at first, they were in a brooder, aka our bath tub.


I can’t believe how much bigger they are now! Anyway, next time I do ducklings it will not be in my bath tub. It was perfect for the ducklings, but trying to remove all traces of them has been difficult. I do not recommend! Anyway, from here we graduated to a small outdoor enclosure that I adapted from chickens for my ducklings. It isn’t generally a good idea, I’ll be honest, because they can fall from the ramp. The problem was I was caught off guard by how much I needed them out of the bathroom and how quickly they grew! I have some solid carpentry skills (look for future projects if not related to the farm in the hobbies blog), but I have been in need of a work table for those projects for awhile now. So, until I get the work table, those projects are on hold. I still need the outdoor option, and quickly, so this was the solution:


As you can see for 7 ducks, its not going to last very long. Next we added temporary fencing using this coop and the my chain link backyard fence. The problem is that it is not very sturdy, and we still don’t have a solid watering and pond. I never knew how quickly they could completely and utterly ruin a pond! I now know as they have been using a small dog pond. The next step is a bigger enclosure, a better house, and a pond/watering solution that won’t need to be cleaned every day. So far, we’ve picked the new spot, and we will use rabbit fencing with a gate for the enclosure. I even found a free dog house on craigslist that the roof comes off. I’ll change the floor to hard wire clothe and it will be good to go. The pond is the trick. I haven’t found a pump and filter on the market that says it can handle the type of mess that ducks create. My dad is a plumber though, and I’m taking the issue to him. I found this idea online. Maybe it will work. Take a look and give me your opinion! Or, if you know a better solution, tell me!




I love to cook. I find it relaxing, most of the time. I’m still learning and teaching myself so I won’t pretend to be good or perfect. From time to time I have made a few recipes that have been good so far, but often I’m using other family recipes. Baking I do not try to make my own. Those are like a science. I will try to improve from time to time. So that is one hobby revealed at this time. I know this post is kind of lame. I haven’t been feeling my best so I’m struggling to get good posts happening. Cut me a little slack and it will get great soon. My chicken cordon bleu recipe is LEGENDARY. In the mean time most of my energy with this site is trying to get the technical kinks worked out. I need more knowledge!

Introducing Us

Hello everyone reading! My name is Cayla Lambert. My husband Michael and I bought 10 acres of land in the beautiful area outside of Atlanta. We are starting pretty much from scratch. The land is beautiful but it used to be part of a bigger parcel of land. Essentially that means we don’t have any buildings, and our fencing is mainly perimeter fencing.

All About the Property

The Pros: The land is mostly pasture land, and is fenced in around the perimeter. The grass is mostly bermuda. The land is beautiful. It is the kind of place that you find yourself falling in love with and seeing your whole life unfold in the field. Also we are on a well, but have access to city water.

The Cons: Much of the field is terraced. There is no stream, creek, or spring to speak of. There are no buildings left on the property. The house is really close to the road. A ton of the fencing is barbed wire, which is not good for horses.

Some History: The property used to be a cattle farm. It has been in the same family for many years before we bought it. The land for miles around all used to belong to this family (I won’t name them since I don’t have their permission). The neighbor to one side is a member of this family. To the other side is a tiny house that was carved out of the property we own. They are not related to this family, but they have a ton of kids running around. We like both neighbors but are not close- yet.


Our Plans

Unfortunately, we aren’t completely clear here. There are so many possibilities we haven’t set a clear path. I know I don’t have the heart to raise animals for meat, so that is out. Maybe we will have a petting zoo? A wedding venue? Raise rabbits and goats as pets? Honey? Get permission to sell cider and wine? There are a million possibilities and we are taking it one step at a time. Right now we need to deal with the lack of structures on the property. We moved in April and with us came two horses, a dog and a cat. About a month after we moved 7 ducks joined the family. The current projects include a shed to store saddles and other horse supplies in, a larger duck enclosure including a pond that has some kind of filter and pump, and a work table to get the wood shop (aka the basement) in better working order. Foremost project, learning to create websites better.Field For more information check out the About Us section