I Didn’t Expect That

Snowfire has found a new home. I will update the website soon enough because I also need to add some friends. His new home is so perfect for him. They will be able to give him the training and support he needs. I was not prepared to be so sad. I never bonded very closely with him. In fact I spent more time frustrated with him than anything else. Why did I suddenly care about him to the point I was feeling so sad? I don’t know the answer to that. It’s funny, I couldn’t have had a more obvious sign that I found the right home. He didn’t crow hop or cow kick with her. Last time I tried to trailer him it took nearly an hour to get him on. He walked right on the trailer, like you would have thought I had done some serious training. He nuzzled them and was quite relaxed.

I think what made it harder for me was Holly. She tends to bond hard, but I figured that she had been with the new horse (update on this ASAP) for a week, and didn’t appear to have a problem. Well, she didn’t have a problem but she also hadn’t bonded with him either. She was fine when Snowfire left the fence. She was fine when he was out for awhile. She started calling when he got on the trailer. She continued intermittently after that. I awoke this morning to another call. It will get better. She will bond with the other horse, and it will be fine, but it definitely awakens a haunted sad feeling in my heart. It makes me question and fear whether I have made the right choice, even though I know I have. There is so much more good than bad to how this went. On top of that, they live close and have offered to let me visit. I think, if I’m lucky, I may have gotten some new friends too, which is great because I could use a few more (yes, another post to come).

Weirdest Day Ever

I have stated before, but I am going to point out again that I am a teacher. I teach special education in a rural area. It is only 10:34 and today has been the strangest funniest day ever already. On posts that don’t fit any of the blogs perfectly, it goes across multiple.


Let me start in the morning. A weird thing about your husband being out of town is that it is really hard to find your phone when there isn’t another phone in the house to call it. Lets just say I don’t have my phone right now. I tried the google home we have, which I have reluctantly, despite resistance, grown to like. The problem is that the google home is way louder than my phone. So, I give up eventually after missing a morning planning session, no phone. Ok so…


Now I am going into my cotaught fifth grade class. I love my job too. I really do. Like with any job there are harder or stressful days but it is the best. My kids are amazing and the teachers I work with are so collaborative. One of my students is one I really enjoy teaching. I shall code name this student as 7. Lucky 7. Anyway, so 7 is one of those low energy kids. Not in a bad way, but this student you know is going to be the chill one. Even on a day where they are super happy, this student will smile, be a little more energetic, maybe change topics a lot. Not today. I was joking that this student came from Mars today, but whatever it is the word of the day is ENERGY. It was like a face swap happened. It was the same goofy 7 I have grown to love, but they had so much energy. It was like 7 was a bag of pop rocks. 7 was on task, but every correct answer was a celebration, and every wrong one deserved a ‘man that sucks.’ I tried some data collection today. It happened, but was not a clear picture of 7. Finally it was like the student needed to get out. So off 7 went to get something for me from another teacher. Something heavy. It helped a little, but it was hilarious in a way. I loved seeing 7 with so much energy and peppiness, but still… pop rocks.


With my fourth grade group the heavy item was returned. Is silliness contagious? Is the cheerful explosion just a thing? Are we all just so happy it is seeping out everywhere?!


Fridays man…

I am NOT a Horse Trader

I write that title as boldly because as I am in the process of selling a horse it STINKS. So, I bought Snowfire, who is featured on the websites image, in March. The problem is that I bought him to be a horse for my husband. Michael is 6’4″ and thick, so not just any horse will do. I got Snowy for a good price, and part of how I got through college was training horses, and I finished my other horse, Holly, myself when I was twenty. I knew it was a gamble, but if he worked out it could help out tremendously. Draft horses like him do not come cheap. In the English world, once he had been taught to jump with his movements, it could have been up to ten thousand dollars or more. In the trail world, a horse that size, once he was very well broke, would be worth around five thousand. Western world doesn’t have much value for a draft who doesn’t pull, and isn’t the fastest in the world, so they are worth significantly less.

Why all of that comes up is that I have decided to sell Snowfire because he is just not a good fit for a husband horse. He is too hot, and he doesn’t like having to come back from vacation. Meaning he needs a job and a schedule, and that just isn’t what we needed. He needs a more appropriate home. So I set out to sell him. How do you price a horse like him though? Which world is he being marketed towards because right now he is so green. The answer was a middle ground price that was negotiable. The problem I’m running into is people looking at him and falling in love with his looks without reading the whole add. He is a looker, no doubt, but he is green, and rusty and a butt head. If they aren’t a trainer, or aren’t working closely with one, then its not going to work. I hate having to sound like I’m speaking horribly of my horse to make sure they are reading the dang ad! People cancelling at the last minute about coming to visit, complaining that my price is too high (even though it’s negotiable), I hate horse selling. Its the worst. One person tried to offer me $100. No, that isn’t a typo. They tried to offer one hundred. I’m done.

Official Updates

All right bring on the nerd alert. Fandom reveal: Harry Potter. That said, I only took Potter more to its full potential recently. I already knew I was a Gryffindor. Unlike most, I don’t see it as a great thing. I have a strong moral compass, and not strong enough regard for authority or rules. The fact is it can drive me nuts until I do the right thing. Hence why I don’t necessarily see all the positive. So here’s the stats on me:

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Ilvermorney House: Wampus

Wand: Redwood Wood, Phoenix Tail Feather, 13 and 3/4, rigid and flexible

Patronus: Eagle

I think I was most shocked about the Eagle. But then when I thought about it, it made sense. They are tight with the mate but independent otherwise. Quiet, calm, reserved, assertive. Seems to make sense. What do you think?

Weighted Woes

I teach special education, and one tool in our toolbox is weighted items. It might be a shoulder wrap, a lap pad, or just something to hold. The can synthetically simulate, to me, the feeling of being wrapped up in a comforter. If you were to go buy one though… well you can see for yourself. I learned to sew for real in college. If anyone tells you theatre doesn’t teach anything valuable laugh at them. A lot.

Anyway, so I decided I would make some weighted items. I mean, a 50 pound bag of rice is cheap! One came out ok. I made it from an old pants leg. The other, made from a pillow was a flop.

I don’t have pictures though and you may be wondering why. In short, kids are great sometimes, but not always. The student to items were made for cut a hold in them on top of breaking 3 fidget items. He isn’t getting anymore of them. And so my sewing is out down again for awhile.

What’s Got You Down Little Ducky?

As many of you readers out there know we have ducks. I love them as much as I can considering they view me as a fire breathing death trap. In the last couple of week though I have had a problem that I can’t much explain. I started with seven ducks and now I have five, and I cannot figure out why.

When it comes to a flock more often than not your problem in this area would be a predator. I know for a fact I have coyotes. The issue is that the birds haven’t been taken away. No body part is missing. I don’t even see a broken neck or blood.

The next possibility is bad care. They are being fed and watered and I even built a new enclosure for them. It is still in process, which is why there is no post about it. I am taking process photos for you guys though because it is looking really good. Anyway, its not a care issue.

Perhaps they are eating something poisonous. I tried that. Problem with that is that they should all be acting strange or sick if that were the case because they all eat the same things. Mystery unsolved. I tried backyardchickens.com with a forum, but I didn’t get a clear result.

Irma Recovery

Anyone out there who is married and trying to make a go of hobby farming, you will feel me on this post. So Michael works in utilities and his company sent him to Florida to work on power lines and what not in the affected area. I understand that they needed him but good gosh it is hard without him! All the chores are mine, plus he helps keep me feeling mentally stable. I do NOT know how military spouses do it.

Also, when people go to the store and buy a ton of water: y’all need to chill. Of course, despite that belief I had to in order to make sure I could flush my toilets.

Beyond that we lost power for a couple days, but when you’re on a well it means you also lose water. Also, we had a TON of trees down. Check it out below. Luckily, nothing affected the fencing.