Feeling Down

Post holidays funk is alive and well here on this farm. On a farm the plus side is there is always enough to do that it limits how bent out of shape you can really get. The down side is that life must go on regardless so there’s not really a chance to feel how you feel. I’m at the point where I am wondering why I write this blog. Our farm is small and not super active, so there isn’t as much to write about on the farm as I’d like. There’s only so many times I can describe Zeus’ abscessed foot that we are waiting on to grow out. I don’t think there are many of you readers out there, so I don’t think it will be missed. Maybe I’ll write more, hard to say, for now, I’ll be feeling that funk.

Holidays on the Farm

The funny thing about farms is that as we all know the farm couldn’t care less if it is a holiday. The animals all still demand their feedings and woe to you if it is late. Well, it was late, and other than a few nasty looks we survived.

Its interesting that Hallmark movies romanticize our existence, but not the reality that before presents, animals get taken care of. Just the way it goes.

A Quiet Night

It’s been more than a night. I use the phrase because, well, it sounds nice. The reality is though our farm has been fairly quiet for over a month now, and quiet is good. It simply means there hasn’t been much going on. Frankly, ‘normal’ is nice. Unfortunately it means there isn’t much to write about, hence the hiatus.

One problem that has been going on for several months now is that our ducks haven’t been laying. We can’t put a pin in why. There’s no obvious stressors we can find, and they laid all winter last year, so we don’t feel like it is a lack of light issue. There is a street lamp near their pen, so there is a lot of artificial light. I mention this in case any of you out there in farm and cyber world have any ideas. We have changed over to a higher protein food, but there hasn’t been enough time to tell if it has made a difference.

If you have ideas let me know!

Waste Not Want Not

The phrase is often used by farmers. It’s our bread and butter in a sense. We recently acquired some milk. By some I mean several gallons. A friend had extra from a business that was about to go bad. Michael is crafty in the kitchen, that has never been a secret. He loves to try new things that most people wouldn’t even try.

So what did he do with the milk? Made mozzarella! From scratch! It was amazing. It was tasty and the coolest process to watch. He used a recipe and unfortunately we were using 1% because it was what was given. It was healthier that way though.

That wasn’t all though! He was able to make yogurt from some of the other milk! I am constantly impressed with his ingenuity. Now the trick is we have half a gallon of yogurt. Who needs that much?! Someone planning on making frozen yogurt. Aka, me.

A Tough Cookie

Zeus is not a cookie, nor is it his name, but he is in fact a tough one. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of tolerance this animal has. He just has bad luck in terms of his reaction to fungus, flies, and other mild maladies. Minor for most, but for him a simple fly bite swells to the size of a dime. He has a near perpetual case of scratches. This horse just doesn’t complain much. Many of you have read about and are familiar with him. I just have to brag on him again.

In a recent post I described the large abscess he blew. He never went lame, just didn’t want to put extra weight on it. Fair enough, in my humble opinion. As it has been healing and cleaned, meaning poked at often, and he doesn’t do anything more than give a sniff at my back. I can’t ask for more from him. He is just impressive. More so considering prior to now he’s had a pretty rough life. Here’s to the tough ones, the non complainers, the comeback kids.


I had the farriers out today on schedule, and it was a blend of news. The good is that Zeus’ feet are generally much healthier. I was told the white line and scratches look much better. Excellent.

Recently Zeus has been picky about picking up certain feet. Wasn’t sure why. I assumed it had something to do with the lameness. I found out that he blew a massive abscess. And like him, the only complaint was trying to not put extra weight on it. He is such a good boy, he never even went lame on that foot.

So, new plan of action: Continued biotin, vitamins, and keeping that abscess as clean as possible.

The Catch

With every type of weather on a farm there’s a catch. I know I talk about the weather often, and this post is not exactly about the weather. This is more about White Line Disease. Zeus, affectionately known as Zuzu has white line and scatches that we can’t seem to get gone. He has deep pockets besides his frogs, and despite daily cleanings are forever get packed tight.

So far we have tried tea tree oil, betadine and thrushbuster on the white line, and on the scratches we’ve used fung a way, lotramin, aloe vera, and betadine. I’m open to suggestions. If you have any my readers, for either one, I’m all ears. Also, looking for suggestions for joint supplement treats/wafers.