Bright, a Review

When I initially saw the trailer for Bright I was excited to say the least. I love Will Smith (despite the critics I think his work is great). Then I saw where the critics panned it, they absolutely hated it. One consistent complaint was that it was too heavy on the social issues. From here on out, you are in danger of spoilers.



To me, movies are an art form as much a painting in a museum. Art is best when it reflects real life, and as part of that is those social issues. Our country has been ripped in so many ways when it comes to the police and I think it is so important that we see it. Furthermore, as a known geek, I loved the fantasy components of the movie as well. Netflix has already ordered a sequel so haters, DEAL WITH IT. It was not perfect by any means. The fact that Tikka doesn’t speak much and when she does it is mostly in Elvish, aka the audience doesn’t understand it. I don’t feel there was enough development of the world of the story. We don’t know enough about the elves, the dwarves who were mentioned, once, and how magic plays a role in the world. Is it completely illegal? Where do the wands come from? Just to give a few examples of questions that were raised. In the sequel I hope that we see much more character development particularly for Wade and Tikka. In addition I think this would be very beneficial to have the world developed as I described. I am wondering if this would have been better done as a mini series, or a regular series though I understand Netflix wanting to work with a different medium. For a first attempt this wasn’t bad. They made strong efforts to make art, work in a genre with tough critics, and brought in a great pair of leads, in my opinion. They have work to do, but this is not the horrible despairing piece many critics are making it out to be.

The Winter Wonder-FAIL

To those who don’t believe in climate change, I say to you: you are wrong. No debate that I am aware of can debate that. I am feeling especially sore on the subject at the moment, however I will own that I am have a big section of blame to claim for myself. You see, the weather in my area is generally lowest at approximately 28 degrees, and even then very few days of that. How that translates to my particular farm is that I didn’t even own blankets for my horses. Refresh for any who would like to get up in arms about that: My horses are both 10 years old, have full winter coats, and are very hardy. I also didn’t have any way or plan to deal with a frozen water tank. I have been working with horses since I was a child and never encountered a need for these.

Take a journey with me, if you will, down my road of epic failure yesterday. First when I woke and checked on the animals was that both the ducks and horses didn’t have access to water. Step one. First I figured I would just run water on top of the ice, I mean it would take longer than a couple minutes for the water to freeze. Except… the hose was also frozen. Ok. New plan I will tote some hot water up from the house. Wait, first let me try to break the ice. I had a pike with me, and that was it. No luck on the pike theory for the horses however it did work for the ducks. So I trade my pike for an axe and grab the water. Note, there is a hill involved in this water tote. The water is in, one swing of the axe and…. nothing. Second swing… CRACK.  Water- Check.

Now I have the next problem: I have never even measured a horse for a blanket. Down here it generally just doesn’t get cold enough to warrant them very often. I haven’t owned many horses, just worked with them for years. Those barns generally already had the blankets for the horses who needed them. Now I’m in the pasture measuring the horses via directions from text (thank God for the friends who will help you even when they have food poisoning.) I run to the nearby Tractor Supply now armed with the knowledge that I need two 78 inch medium or light weight blankets for turnout. Tractor supply has one that would work and it is an unfamiliar brand. Side note, I have no idea when the horses were blanketed last, if ever. Again, same friend came to remind me that while she boarded Holly for me and it got low one or two nights last year she had a blanketed her just fine.

I did try to pick up a tank heater my husband had put on hold their but it had sold out before the order had processed. I picked up a very close to the same heater but when I went to pay I did not have my wallet. Of course. I have them put the new heater on hold and call Michael to  come and get it.

Now there are only about 2 hours left of daylight and I need to get to the next town over where I called ahead and they have blankets. Michael and get in the car and race over, pick up a pair of blankets. We catch the pair of them, and Holly takes to hers no problem. Zeus on the other hand, needs some time. Luckily, this is one thing I do decently well with, training. Finally, well after dark he has it on, and my hands are frozen because I hate gloves. I look at the pair of them, and they both could have done with 75s instead.





Also if you want to check out that friend’s farm, if you need anything in the area I have a link. She’s amazing.





I should have shared my journey with our new horse awhile ago. He feels like a fragile little bird sometimes. I’ve mentioned Zeus a time or two, but let me explain more about him. When We decided to sell Snowy, he went to a wonderful home by the way, we needed a horse for Michael and a companion for Holly. Snowfire’s new name is Ezra, by the way. Anyway, I found Zeus. He was with a woman in South Carolina. She gave lessons. Zeus was taken care of, don’t misunderstand that, but her and her family’s focus were in their lesson program horses. Zeus was bought for a boyfriend who was no longer in the picture. She had only had him for like 8 months and didn’t know much from before. I tested him out the day before a hurricane hit, and he was perfect. I decided to bring him home and realized something was off. He didn’t seek human affection. He was quick to mild spook on the ground, just head tossing. I figured it took time for him to settle in, so I waited. I realized from his toughness, his gait and his age, what his job had been before. You see, Zeus is a 15.3 hh sunfaded black Tennessee Walking Horse. He’s only 10 years old. We live not far from many commercial trail riding places, and often those horses move around a lot. They rarely get much attention, and when they do it is get on get off. He is having to learn about people now. He is learning slowly that people don’t always equal work. Zeus is learning to accept human touch more on his face. He will let you tack up etc however you want but he’s learning now what touch for affection is. He’s a good boy, he is obedient, but relationship? He has no clue yet

After Christmas

Many folks get blue after Christmas. I am not one of those folks. I enjoy the hubbub and seeing family but the peace I get from having very little required of me, time to relax, it’s epic. For teachers, this time of year is so necessary. Thank your teachers. Many gifts were given, Michaels family joined us down here which was great


Sorry readers for the unplanned hiatus. Life got really crazy and this was no different. So, we went on a cruise for our anniversary. Parts of it were a much needed vacation. The problem is that when Michael and I disagree its not easily resolved on a ship. Anyway, after we got back winterizing the farm came in FULL swing. We had to get some hay for the shed while the metal garage was getting put up. Then the metal garage was a full month late. We did get a pond system working for the ducks, pictures to come. Its not perfect, as we definitely need a bigger pond for it to work properly, but hey, its a start. Things are not always easy in a marriage. I am the type that there is very very little that would make me give up. Its tough some days. I think God belongs more centrally in my life and that if I were doing that the rest would be just a little easier. Who am I to know though?

A Weigh In

I don’t weigh all of the time because it can kill a desire to do good. I did weigh in recently though and wanted to share. I started this journey, or restarted, at 311 pounds. Scary, but true. I don’t look like I weigh that much nor do I look like it. Bottom line, I had some muscle, but I still weigh entirely too much. I weighed in at 305 the other day. I haven’t even had time to get my exercise up and running and yet I have managed that. I know it seems so small, but it is such a big deal to me. I have started drinking more water, less diet soda. I’m trying. It is starting something, even if it is small. I remind myself often, it is for my health, not my weight. I don’t feel active and healthy and vibrant right now. I want to though. When I did last though, I wasn’t tiny. I was a size 16. That is the goal I think.

The Little Joys

I️ got to work on my tack room a lot this weekend. It is a little joy, but it has made me so excited. I️ Will post pictures soon (I️ know I️ say that a lot, but I️ will do it). It isn’t much, just a couple of saddle racks, some trash cans for feed, and some pallets for hay. We are getting a metal garage for hay storage soon, as our 10×10 shed will not hold enough hay for the winter. Eventually we will get a real barn with stalls and and a tack and feed room all in one place. Once we do that the shed will be used for lawn care stuff, gardening stuff, things for chicken and ducks (hopefully we will get this right eventually), or car stuff. Part of me is afraid that once we have a better option we’ll waste the space but I️ hope not and we will try not. Michael also put up a light. It still needs to be painted though. I️ think we’re going with the classic red barn.

Also, we are brainstorming how to create a space for outdoor cats, like barn cats, to keep safe from coyotes. We definitely need barn cats, but I️ don’t want lambs for slaughter either. Thoughts?