About Us



Hi, my name is Cayla. My husband Michael and I were married in November of 2016 and moved to our home and what is becoming Oso Vino Farm in April of 2017. We began work to turn it into a farm that would work for our plans. I am a special education teacher and my husband is an engineer. We are still deciding the fate of our lovely farm, so look for updates on that in the future. What is driving that plan is our passions. Michael and I bond over a love of outdoors, gardening, and animals.

We are family oriented, and want to keep God as the guiding force in all we do.

We live near my family, but like to visit my husbands when we can in North Carolina. He is definitely North Carolina born and bred (Go Wolfpack). As for me, I have a degree from Kennesaw State University and one from Georgia Southern University. I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, worked in professional theater for a short stint, before deciding to reroute to teaching. Michael grew up in a small town in rural North Carolina.

Our current menagerie includes two horses, seven ducks, a dog, and a cat. We are expecting it to grow larger soon enough. Here’s the line up so far:



Holly- Holly is a nine year old Belgian Quarter Horse Cross. I have had her since she was four years old. She is approximately fifteen hands. Holly loves trail riding and hates FedEx trucks. She is almost always high up in the herd. She has a thing for grays as her buddies.


Snowfire- Or Snowy for short. This big boy is eight years old and a Percheron cross. He is approximately 16 hands, but we haven’t taped him yet and about 1800 pounds. Snowfire is very loving and people focused. He is still in need of a tune up, but will soon be Michael’s mount.


Peeps-¬†Peeps has been with Michael for six years, making her seven years old. She is still playful with her favorite being the laser or anything with feathers. Her favorite spot is Michael’s lap.


William- AKA Willy. This handsome boy is half Great Dane half Boxer. He is one hundred pounds of lap dog. He was a rescue and is two years old. He loves chasing the ducks, playing with the hose or any other sort of water, and destroying things he ought not.


Daisy and the Ducks- The other ducks will be named, once we can tell them apart. Daisy is the white duck and she was a rescue. The rest of her clutch didn’t hatch so we took her in so she could be with other ducks. Her heritage is a mystery for now. Her adopted siblings are khaki campbells, and as yet unnamed. We have a total of seven ducks and will be keeping them for the eggs. Also because I really enjoy ducks.