A Loss

It’s different when you’ve gone through it enough times. I’ve worked in a few commercial farms, so I know what it’s like to lose a horse. It’s harder when you don’t know it’s coming. When they’re young and the accident is unexpected. By that token, it means it’s easier when you know it’s coming, like when they’re old. We lost Blaze. He belongs to my friend, and he would have been 32 years old this spring. He has had arthritis for many years. His owner on the flipside, his owner is one of the most remarkable caregivers for a geriatric horse I’ve ever seen in my life. He had a standing appointment with the chiropractor, and specialty treatment for his body. What made it so difficult, as when he stopped being able to get up himself. After more than one week, with multiple warnings of us trying to stand him up, and succeeding with great effort, enough is enough.

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