A Bit of a Scare


Some dog owners out there will know what I mean when I say a dog is more than a dog. The logical part of my brain, and the one trying to make this farm happen (at this point just trying to break even!) knows that it will cost dearly for a dog to be family. Willy is more than family, and that will certainly have both monetary and emotional costs.

Why am I having this downer train of thought? Well Willy has given us a bit of a scare and it hasn’t been completely resolved. Willy has been limping for the last few months. We tried a vet in our area that I didn’t like at all and the results showed no improvement. The limping has continued so I decided to take him back to his vet from before I moved out here. That vet has always been great, and works with a rescue I used to work with.

Upon doing additional Xrays the vet determined that it was inflammation with a possible fracture. The problem was the possible fracture. He couldn’t determine for sure if it was there, and also why it would fracture. Before he had gotten the xray the vet was worried about cancer, but there was no tumor on the xray, thank god. The problem is the vet isn’t sure if there was a fracture and if so why. If it is very early cancer, it could have caused the break.

So what now? Working on getting UGA to look at the Xrays for more information. In the mean time I sit on pins and needles praying that he is just a big clumsy dog rather than something more sinister.

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