From the Heart

Many don’t know I have a godson. He is an adult with special needs. I find that being a part of his life has been one of the better blessing in my life. Today I am finally going to share the story of what I was able to share.

My godson (I’m protecting his privacy so for now, I shall refer to him as D) is part of a day group for adults with special needs. The person who runs the program is amazing. I love how she says all the time how she is all about making dreams come true. I already work with Special Olympics, so I was excited to help.

The only problem is, as many of you know, it is very tricky to make sure you can help without getting in trouble. I find requiring waivers is the only way to go about it. I also was thankful to know in advance that I needed to plan for a physical need too.

Horseback riding can be expensive, and to find someone who knows how to keep special needs adults safe as well can be even more difficult. I’m just blessed that I was in a position help. Many of the boys had ridden before, but still felt so much joy at being there. One was afraid, but he helped me lead Holly instead.

I don’t know many people who would trust a 10 year old mare to this job. It is a precious job with even more precious cargo. So, how did I know Holly could do it? She had done this with my nephew, who is fairly high functioning. I was able to watch how she was with him. She stopped when he came off balance, or tried to move under him. She was as patient as could be. No amount of noise the could make or wiggles could bother her. I realized she was something special. She was so slow, careful, and precise with them.

I am not giving a clear picture, or telling a good story. My writing style is off here, and I supposed it is just because I am happy to be a part of it. Sorry for the blocked faces, I didn’t want to share where I didn’t have 3


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