Tying Up Loose Ends

The finale of the Tractor Saga:

Our poor sales guy and service manager helped as much as they could and I want to plug them because they did the best they could. The problem was the manager wasn’t there nearly any time I called. It was insane. Finally, at the point where I told the poor sales guy that he needed to relay to his manager that something had to get this together quickly or else I’d have to get legal action. I hated to be that person, and I apologized repeatedly, but it was relayed to me that what was broken wasn’t covered by warranty…. It doesn’t matter if it was covered by warranty, the warranty was based on the delivery of a new functional tractor. If the tractor wasn’t working on arrival, then the contract is void. The sales manager decided before confirming with the manager that he would just cover the fix and explain later. I hate that it had to come to that, and I apologized to them repeatedly. Fortunately, he took care of it. I’m thankful I can work with him in the future instead of the manager of the store. I hate when people in charge don’t do as they need to so it is left to the people who work under them toe make it right. That is awful for everyone involved.

The gnats this time of year have been awful. More so than in the past, but I think that is largely due to having cows for neighbors. I don’t know what you guys do, but I can recommend SWAT. It works wonders. Putting it in about once a week works it out. Also, the word to the wise of other equine folks looking to buy property: careful with cattle property. We are thankful for the place, and we have worked on the property to improve it. The problem I have run into is barbed wire. Not just on the fences, but because this place was a cattle farm for a long time many trees have grown around barbed wire making it near impossible to remove. I have places where stumps are tangled in barbed wire as well as tangled in field fencing. Usually this means nothing worse than a scratch or two (I treat with furazone, but make sure to use gloves), but still unnerving.

Anyone out there have any advice on scratches? I’m treating with fung away now, which generally works. If anyone has any other ideas I’d love to hear it. It is my gaited gelding Zeus. he has no feathering but it is twice this year. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable at all, I just see it. Not sure what is causing it because their pasture has good drainage and it hasn’t been that wet. Any ideas? Hey, even if I am spending my Saturday night treating little things, this is my favorite way to spend it.



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