The Tractor Saga

So, its been a bit crazy in the last couple of days in relation to what I am about to tell you about. When last we talked there was the crime report. Something happened the day the tractor was delivered.

You see, the tractor we got had an easy connect belly mower. The person delivering it demonstrated quite a few things and helped us learn to use it. Specifically he showed us quite a bit about taking the attachments on and off. There were no issues with the sprayer or the loader. The problem arose when we tried to work on taking the mower on and off.

The tractor arrived with the mower already attached. He showed us how to get it off, if you aren’t familiar John Deere’s models are drive over for our model. He drove it over to reattach and there were massive issues getting it to reattach properly. The manager and my husband needed at least 4 or 5 attempts. It was fairly flat where they were as well. Each time they ran over the mower it was not catching where it was supposed to. They tried repeatedly and finally it appeared it did. At least, the entire mower deck was moving, not just one end.

All appeared in order and they left. Michael tried to mow after and the PTO wasn’t engaging. Michael took it on and off to see if that would correct the problem only to find the rod used to get the mower engaged with the PTO was now bent. And the manager from John Deere is the one who put it on!

They are having to come back today and will be taking care of this issue, but we weren’t able to mow anything and that dog fennel was already border line on if it would need a bush hog instead of a mower. Now? there is no telling how bad it is going to get by the time we can mow. Oh, and side note, yes I will circle back at some point and tell the side stories I keep mentioning.

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