Crime Study Farm Edition

The Suspect: Eupatorium capillifolium Aka Dog Fennel

Image result for dog fennel

The Crimes: 

-Pasture destruction

-Harboring fugitives (members of the various pest gangs including the Rodent Brothers and the Fly Guys)

-Disturbing the Peace (walking through this is a nightmare)

-Resisting arrest (can’t be cut with a regular lawn mower)


The Evidence:

No real need for legit evidence. One look at my pasture and you can see that it is every where. Also, one walk through the pasture and you know because of the high stepping and the flies.


The Verdict:

Guilty. Unanimously. Judged by the owners of that pasutre, Zeus and Holly. This decision was backed by those of us who have to pay to feed them and maintain that pasture.


The Sentence:

First a life sentence enforced by the Feds (aka the big guns associated with a new tractor) and then termination by herbicide.


Sorry for the drama but I love crime shows. It was my way to introduce that we are getting a new tractor! We debated about buying new or used but we decided that we’d rather buy new and use the money we would put towards used as a down payment (though fiscally we realized later we should have just taken the 0 down offer instead of using the down payment to get lower monthly payments).

So, what did we get? A John Deere (so people love it, some hate it. We got it because they had they best hours and service department in the area. Also, from what we hear they do have a great reputation. The specific model we got was a 1025 R with a loader, belly motor, and sprayer. In the future we are planning to add a bush hog, ballast box, and a box blade soon, probably used. Its getting delivered today!

Image result for john deere 1025r tractor

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