Vegetables of my Labors

We put in our first garden at the new house this spring. I will update this specific post tomorrow or later today with pictures. I am writing this from the comfort of my couch on my laptop because it is the middle of the afternoon swelter here in Georgia.

So, this year we put tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, sweet potatoes, and herbs in the garden. It has been so busy that I have not taken care of it to the level I should be, but I am blessed to have extraordinarily fertile soil in the garden. I also have some melons and butternut squash plants to put in on the hill. Normally I’d say this is late in the season, but since these are already started and not seeds, and Georgia’s growing season is a little longer than average it should be fine. Put a finger on the squash and zucchini because I’m going to come back to them.

To give you a picture of what our garden looks like I want to tell you what else we have. The plants I just described are in the small plot and will have to be replanted each year. We also planted a peach tree, four Mutsu apple (a mix between Golden Delicious and Indo apples from Japan. They are good for cooking, juicing, and eating. They also store well), and a Honeycrisp apple tree. There was already some kind of apple tree in the backyard not terrible far from the others, but we aren’t sure what kind. Between that and the honeycrisp there should be plenty for pollination. We have two types of blueberry bushes that are waiting to be put in (bad on us, but they are doing fine for now) and there are Concord and Catawba grapes growing on a trellis. We have one more to put in the ground. The area we have all of this in isn’t big enough that we can use it for large growth, even enough for a fruit and vegetable stand. If we decide we want to go bigger we will have to put it somewhere else later. Which means we will have to run water further back into the property at some point. I didn’t get my corn and sunflowers in this year, so maybe next year.

All of this description was so that you got to know it a little better, but I’m also so excited because yesterday we had 6 squash and one zucchini ready for harvest. The tomatoes aren’t quite ready yet, and when they are, funny enough, we don’t eat them raw! I hope to make soup and homemade marinara and either freeze it or can it. I say that but I didn’t realize it was too humid to properly dry herbs, so my herbs have basically gone to waste this year, but at least now I know I can do it! Its ok though, we were just too unorganized to be very efficient with our crop this year. This was tagged in humor, and story, and this has probably seemed like neither one. The humor and story to me is that I didn’t even know the squash and zucchini were there because we’ve been so busy with other farm tasks and house tasks. My wonderful neighbor had to come and tell me what I’d missed. I guess not that funny, but I have to laugh at myself. Thanks for bearing with, everything can’t be zingers.

Look for a recipe I’ve adapted for some really tasty oven baked zucchini and squash chips in the next day or two!

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