The Theif

Our dogs love Nubz. Some people don’t like them because they are part of the nylabone family. They all have great reviews though. Anyway, ours love them which is why we keep using them. They can be expensive but the best place I have found to buy them is Costco.

This morning I woke unexpectedly and was therefore groggy. I didn’t notice until I had been awake for a bit the bag of Nubz was tipped over. You have to realize the dogs can’t reach the bag where I have it. I only figured something was wrong when I saw Willy with a bone that I hadn’t given him.

I started watching and the bag was located near where peeps likes to go. That little booger knocked the bag over for the dogs! They were just going to town on gosh knows how many. I think I took enough away that they should be fine, except what I’m guessing is going to be an unpleasant belly ache. Go figure, they are working together, I’m doomed.

Side note on Willy, he currently has a knee on the back that is a bit sprained. The doctor said he needed medicine and bed rest. You tell a 100 pound Great Dane Boxer that he is on bed rest, lol. It had to wait until I was home to enforce it, but he is now resting as best I can make him. He’s been tolerating although Rocket has been harassing him. Keep him in your thoughts, he’s too young to have a bum leg.


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