What Was That?!

Let me tell you about my morning. It was insane. So realize during the summer teachers often take classes from their districts to improve our instruction. Some do it because their principals require it, but others, like myself, do it because we want to bring something new. It doesn’t hurt my county gives incentives for attending.

Anyway, so picture me waking up a little later than I normally would for school to go to a class. I got myself up in time to do what I needed to with maybe a few minutes extra. Willy, the Great Dane Boxer mix, has a sprained knee right now so he needed medicine (imagine wrestling a 100 pound dog), and can’t go out with Rocket. I manage all that and I start hearing an odd sound.

It sounds like a mix between a pigeon and an owl. I am thinking of my chickens and ducks who have some deer netting to protect from owls, as that is the primary predator, along with hawks, that I am working with. I know, I really owe you guys pictures of the enclosures. I am half dressed at this point, and realize I need to go see what is going on, because I can tell that it is coming from the area of the flock.

I head out in flip flops through wet grass. I hate walking through wet grass. It’s weird I know, but if I can feel the wet grass on my feet or ankles, I hate it. Anyway, I get closer and think it may be the goose. Lucy is wonderful and her alerts have already saved three of my ducklings from drowning (I will try to remember to go back and tell that story). I get closer and realize it isn’t her because when she sees me she starts honking. What is that noise?

I get halfway to the duck pen when I hear it again behind me. Have you ever listened to a boy as his voice changes? It isn’t quite sure what is doing. That is similar to what I was experiencing: a baby rooster. Yes, laugh at me, but I have only ever really been around adult roosters. Besides that, we only had one potential rooster (a bantam) since the others were pullets. Well, this was one of the production reds, so we definitely have a pullet fail.

I walked over to him, watched him, and saw it for sure. My entire morning was derailed. By a baby rooster…






After that in the rule of Murphy’s Law, I got caught behind an incredibly slow moving train, which then when backwards. I was almost 15 minutes late. Thanks rooster…

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