Hello readers who stuck it out with me. Others, miss ya, sorry I had website issues. So, I am going to tell you about some scams I’ve encountered that because I could tell they were scams, were hilarious to me, but could be useful to someone else. First though, the background information.

Michael and I have decided to look casually for a gypsy vanner mare. The plan (very long term) is to breed. We don’t want a giant breeding operation or anything like that, just something small, a mare or two. Its all very casual though because we have so many irons the the fire we don’t exactly have time for it at the moment. Essentially, the plan is to browse every so often, and it we see a great deal that fits our needs, grab it. Anyone with any knowledge of this breed knows that they are valuable and maintain value. Usually there are rarely any below $6,000, but it does happen occasionally.

So now that you have the background:

I came across a few ads that looked just too great to be true (typically, if they look that way it means that they are). So there was a mare form $700 (yes, that’s correct, I’m not missing a 0). Already suspicious, but hey, asking won’t hurt. The ad mentions being located in Texas, but then when I email for more information they are suddenly in California. I then get told a story about how their daughter Jenner had passed and how they just wanted a good home for Dacy. The $700 would just be for shipping of course. I’m very suspicious at this point, for obvious reason, but let me investigate. I ask for confirmation that Dacy is pure, because she doesn’t look like it. I also answer their question about if I’m a breeder, what my home is like, etc. I also sent some pics of my horse to show health. When I get the response, they won’t come out and confirm she’s pure, they are asking for my address etc so they can go to the ‘agency’ and have her registered in my name, etc. No request for references. I’m not going to lie, I wish they hadn’t gotten as much information from me as they had. They had my name (can’t recall if they had last too), pics of my animals, and know what my husband and I do for a living. Luckily, they don’t know where we lived exactly (no address, but they may have gotten a town, but can’t recall that either). I don’t think they can do anything with that information, but if you think they can please let me know. So, thought it was weird and decided just to leave it.


Then, funny enough on another listing site I come across another gypsy mare for $700, this one listed as being in Mississippi, but upon requesting information it too was in California. Different picture though. I ask for more information and hear the same story about poor parents whose daughter Jenner had died. And they asked the same four questions… DONE.


Then in another ad on another site there was a team of mares for $2000 each. This seems somewhat more reasonable until I hear claims of how decorated they are in the show ring. Huh. interesting. This time it was owner’s medical needs. I text the number as instructed, and get a ton of hello, huh. Okay, no big, I won’t contact any further. Then later I get texts about it. I explain the recent scams and ask if they could give me a reference. At that point I got a huffy, “Do you think I am a scam Madam?” Based on that response, yes, yes I do.


Be careful out there y’all. I tried to report the ads with limited success. I was able to see through it and think it is probably no harm no foul, thought I will be keeping a close eye on some things just in case.

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