Bright, a Review

When I initially saw the trailer for Bright I was excited to say the least. I love Will Smith (despite the critics I think his work is great). Then I saw where the critics panned it, they absolutely hated it. One consistent complaint was that it was too heavy on the social issues. From here on out, you are in danger of spoilers.



To me, movies are an art form as much a painting in a museum. Art is best when it reflects real life, and as part of that is those social issues. Our country has been ripped in so many ways when it comes to the police and I think it is so important that we see it. Furthermore, as a known geek, I loved the fantasy components of the movie as well. Netflix has already ordered a sequel so haters, DEAL WITH IT. It was not perfect by any means. The fact that Tikka doesn’t speak much and when she does it is mostly in Elvish, aka the audience doesn’t understand it. I don’t feel there was enough development of the world of the story. We don’t know enough about the elves, the dwarves who were mentioned, once, and how magic plays a role in the world. Is it completely illegal? Where do the wands come from? Just to give a few examples of questions that were raised. In the sequel I hope that we see much more character development particularly for Wade and Tikka. In addition I think this would be very beneficial to have the world developed as I described. I am wondering if this would have been better done as a mini series, or a regular series though I understand Netflix wanting to work with a different medium. For a first attempt this wasn’t bad. They made strong efforts to make art, work in a genre with tough critics, and brought in a great pair of leads, in my opinion. They have work to do, but this is not the horrible despairing piece many critics are making it out to be.

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