I should have shared my journey with our new horse awhile ago. He feels like a fragile little bird sometimes. I’ve mentioned Zeus a time or two, but let me explain more about him. When We decided to sell Snowy, he went to a wonderful home by the way, we needed a horse for Michael and a companion for Holly. Snowfire’s new name is Ezra, by the way. Anyway, I found Zeus. He was with a woman in South Carolina. She gave lessons. Zeus was taken care of, don’t misunderstand that, but her and her family’s focus were in their lesson program horses. Zeus was bought for a boyfriend who was no longer in the picture. She had only had him for like 8 months and didn’t know much from before. I tested him out the day before a hurricane hit, and he was perfect. I decided to bring him home and realized something was off. He didn’t seek human affection. He was quick to mild spook on the ground, just head tossing. I figured it took time for him to settle in, so I waited. I realized from his toughness, his gait and his age, what his job had been before. You see, Zeus is a 15.3 hh sunfaded black Tennessee Walking Horse. He’s only 10 years old. We live not far from many commercial trail riding places, and often those horses move around a lot. They rarely get much attention, and when they do it is get on get off. He is having to learn about people now. He is learning slowly that people don’t always equal work. Zeus is learning to accept human touch more on his face. He will let you tack up etc however you want but he’s learning now what touch for affection is. He’s a good boy, he is obedient, but relationship? He has no clue yet

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