Sorry readers for the unplanned hiatus. Life got really crazy and this was no different. So, we went on a cruise for our anniversary. Parts of it were a much needed vacation. The problem is that when Michael and I disagree its not easily resolved on a ship. Anyway, after we got back winterizing the farm came in FULL swing. We had to get some hay for the shed while the metal garage was getting put up. Then the metal garage was a full month late. We did get a pond system working for the ducks, pictures to come. Its not perfect, as we definitely need a bigger pond for it to work properly, but hey, its a start. Things are not always easy in a marriage. I am the type that there is very very little that would make me give up. Its tough some days. I think God belongs more centrally in my life and that if I were doing that the rest would be just a little easier. Who am I to know though?

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