The Little Joys

I️ got to work on my tack room a lot this weekend. It is a little joy, but it has made me so excited. I️ Will post pictures soon (I️ know I️ say that a lot, but I️ will do it). It isn’t much, just a couple of saddle racks, some trash cans for feed, and some pallets for hay. We are getting a metal garage for hay storage soon, as our 10×10 shed will not hold enough hay for the winter. Eventually we will get a real barn with stalls and and a tack and feed room all in one place. Once we do that the shed will be used for lawn care stuff, gardening stuff, things for chicken and ducks (hopefully we will get this right eventually), or car stuff. Part of me is afraid that once we have a better option we’ll waste the space but I️ hope not and we will try not. Michael also put up a light. It still needs to be painted though. I️ think we’re going with the classic red barn.

Also, we are brainstorming how to create a space for outdoor cats, like barn cats, to keep safe from coyotes. We definitely need barn cats, but I️ don’t want lambs for slaughter either. Thoughts?

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