Another Week

I posted about my weight for the first time approximately a week ago. I have not weighed myself yet, and don’t think I will for each blog post, because the number of the scale can be disheartening. Instead I want to talk about somethings that have been good and bad. So, something that has been great is that Libby’s has these veggies that come in little cups like you might think of for fruit for lunch. That has been awesome. A big expensive grocery trip was helpful this week. Also, having a cleaner kitchen and actual food to cook.

What hasn’t helped is a habit I have developed since I was a teenager. I did not used to do this, but I have started eating when I am emotional. It doesn’t actually help anything, it is like a compulsion. Yes, I clearly still need a therapist, but I think I have a lead on that- look for more later. Also, the dreaded hour of 4 when I get home from school (aka work) and am STARVING. That time is tough, but having some decent snacks on hand has helped somewhat.

Also I went for a ride this week. That is more activity than I have had in awhile. Issues with my partner (this is Cayla, if you didn’t know. Michael may make a rare appearance, but unlikely) make it difficult as well. I know in many of these blogs people talk about that. I wish I could. I think it would be helpful for me, and I’d likely get great advice. Unfortunately between my job and me being a naturally private person it is difficult to get me to open up.

I feel as though I am rambling, but one post like that every so often isn’t so bad right? Particularly because that is how I feel. It feels like I am ping ponging around in my own brain and constantly changing thoughts and courses. A friend has come to live with us, and I don’t know how long, but I hope it is long term. She is great help on the farm, and someone I simply like having around. If it seems like she’ll be around a long time, I think I will have her post some too, and add her to the about us page. I sometimes worry that I am not developing the page in the right way. Like, it should be more professional. The problem is that right now we aren’t professional, as in a company with a product and set procedures. We are just us for now.

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