A Shed!

Not many of the readers out there know that I started my career working in technical theater. Meaning, I could often be found constructing a set, working on electrical wire or cabling lighting instruments. The construction we did though, I already knew, was different in many ways from household construction. Sets are going to be used, for most shows, for a month or so. Meaning that is the type of construction we teach in our college programs. I had intended to build the shed we desperately needed myself. That was until I realize I had no idea how to build a roof or mount it to a concrete pad. Crap. That is when it is time to call in some support. Namely, starting with a friend who has built her own shed. Family emergency happened, so no shed. Next came a friend who had an able body and a good idea. Well, from that friend flaked. Finally, my father in law who has built houses for a living to the rescue. It was very different from the original design, but I couldn’t be more thrilled because we have a great shed (10×10) that has a way more solid build than my idea would have been. Now to get a tack room, feed room, and temporary hay storage going.


image2 (3)

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