Michael and I are still trying to decide how to specialize our farm. I know I owe you guys some posts on my new horse, and the duck pen, but given that I have been fighting a stomach flu, this is the best I can manage for the day. We are considering a ton of ideas and I wanted to know if anyone out there had some input on some of our ideas. Here they go please give me your thoughts!

A wedding venue: barn weddings are all the rage. If we were to section off a pasture and set it up as a venue those do well. The pros: limited maintenance work (comparatively), ability to be a bit more hands off, high rent options. The Cons: We would have a lot to pay up front. People would be on and off the property often. There’d also be a seasonal income pattern unless we REALLY forked up a lot of money up front to get it climate controlled. That could be a pro though.

Cut Flowers: I know the least about this one, but I do tend to be really handy in the garden. Pros: I’m pretty good in a garden, and I like it. It would be pretty and we have average for it. Cons: I don’t know much about it, it’s very seasonal, and I’m concerned about the market for it.

Cattle: I literally know nothing. Pro: Apparently there is a lot of money to be made, and it would help keep our pasture low. Cons: I would have to be careful not to get attached. A lot of money can get tied up in it too.

Horses: I’m throwing this one out there because I want it known I’ve considered it. It is hard to make money from horses.

Dogs: specifically, breeding them. Pros: I love dogs and know a good bit about them. There’s a ton of money to be made with the right breed if find responsibly. Cons: I have worked rescue so there is a moral complication. And then what do you do if they aren’t all bought? Not to mention it can be difficult to manage females in heat and studs.

Goats: with our schedule we would be looking at breeding. Pros: I love goats. They would weed eat the pasture. They’re also fun to watch. Cons: they are escape artists, I couldn’t get too attached, and finding a market can be hard.

Rabbits: pros: rabbits are considered easy keepers by farm standards. They are cheap to keep. Cons: I’m only interested in selling pets. They are vulnerable to predators. The market for pet rabbits isn’t huge.

Veggies: I haven’t put much thought into this because I didn’t think there was much way to make anything from this. Same with gourds, fruit, etc.

Poultry: I have had bad luck here so far, so if you recommend it please give me some ideas

Any other ideas? Comments? I’m all ears

2 Comments on “Specializing

  1. Little bit of each as a “Hobby Farm”…. maybe not the dog breeding though,.


    • A little of each sounds great, but based on reading and listening to older and wiser folks, it seems one has to be the “main” thing if one is to even break even


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