I Didn’t Expect That

Snowfire has found a new home. I will update the website soon enough because I also need to add some friends. His new home is so perfect for him. They will be able to give him the training and support he needs. I was not prepared to be so sad. I never bonded very closely with him. In fact I spent more time frustrated with him than anything else. Why did I suddenly care about him to the point I was feeling so sad? I don’t know the answer to that. It’s funny, I couldn’t have had a more obvious sign that I found the right home. He didn’t crow hop or cow kick with her. Last time I tried to trailer him it took nearly an hour to get him on. He walked right on the trailer, like you would have thought I had done some serious training. He nuzzled them and was quite relaxed.

I think what made it harder for me was Holly. She tends to bond hard, but I figured that she had been with the new horse (update on this ASAP) for a week, and didn’t appear to have a problem. Well, she didn’t have a problem but she also hadn’t bonded with him either. She was fine when Snowfire left the fence. She was fine when he was out for awhile. She started calling when he got on the trailer. She continued intermittently after that. I awoke this morning to another call. It will get better. She will bond with the other horse, and it will be fine, but it definitely awakens a haunted sad feeling in my heart. It makes me question and fear whether I have made the right choice, even though I know I have. There is so much more good than bad to how this went. On top of that, they live close and have offered to let me visit. I think, if I’m lucky, I may have gotten some new friends too, which is great because I could use a few more (yes, another post to come).

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