Weighted Woes

I teach special education, and one tool in our toolbox is weighted items. It might be a shoulder wrap, a lap pad, or just something to hold. The can synthetically simulate, to me, the feeling of being wrapped up in a comforter. If you were to go buy one though… well you can see for yourself. I learned to sew for real in college. If anyone tells you theatre doesn’t teach anything valuable laugh at them. A lot.

Anyway, so I decided I would make some weighted items. I mean, a 50 pound bag of rice is cheap! One came out ok. I made it from an old pants leg. The other, made from a pillow was a flop.

I don’t have pictures though and you may be wondering why. In short, kids are great sometimes, but not always. The student to items were made for cut a hold in them on top of breaking 3 fidget items. He isn’t getting anymore of them. And so my sewing is out down again for awhile.

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