I am NOT a Horse Trader

I write that title as boldly because as I am in the process of selling a horse it STINKS. So, I bought Snowfire, who is featured on the websites image, in March. The problem is that I bought him to be a horse for my husband. Michael is 6’4″ and thick, so not just any horse will do. I got Snowy for a good price, and part of how I got through college was training horses, and I finished my other horse, Holly, myself when I was twenty. I knew it was a gamble, but if he worked out it could help out tremendously. Draft horses like him do not come cheap. In the English world, once he had been taught to jump with his movements, it could have been up to ten thousand dollars or more. In the trail world, a horse that size, once he was very well broke, would be worth around five thousand. Western world doesn’t have much value for a draft who doesn’t pull, and isn’t the fastest in the world, so they are worth significantly less.

Why all of that comes up is that I have decided to sell Snowfire because he is just not a good fit for a husband horse. He is too hot, and he doesn’t like having to come back from vacation. Meaning he needs a job and a schedule, and that just isn’t what we needed. He needs a more appropriate home. So I set out to sell him. How do you price a horse like him though? Which world is he being marketed towards because right now he is so green. The answer was a middle ground price that was negotiable. The problem I’m running into is people looking at him and falling in love with his looks without reading the whole add. He is a looker, no doubt, but he is green, and rusty and a butt head. If they aren’t a trainer, or aren’t working closely with one, then its not going to work. I hate having to sound like I’m speaking horribly of my horse to make sure they are reading the dang ad! People cancelling at the last minute about coming to visit, complaining that my price is too high (even though it’s negotiable), I hate horse selling. Its the worst. One person tried to offer me $100. No, that isn’t a typo. They tried to offer one hundred. I’m done.

3 Comments on “I am NOT a Horse Trader

  1. I’m sorry to hear Snowfire didn’t work out. Where have you advertised him? I’m confident you could find a good home for him if he’s of a good age and sound. Some people don’t mind a project. Good luck with your rehoming efforts, I don’t envy that burden.


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