What’s Got You Down Little Ducky?

As many of you readers out there know we have ducks. I love them as much as I can considering they view me as a fire breathing death trap. In the last couple of week though I have had a problem that I can’t much explain. I started with seven ducks and now I have five, and I cannot figure out why.

When it comes to a flock more often than not your problem in this area would be a predator. I know for a fact I have coyotes. The issue is that the birds haven’t been taken away. No body part is missing. I don’t even see a broken neck or blood.

The next possibility is bad care. They are being fed and watered and I even built a new enclosure for them. It is still in process, which is why there is no post about it. I am taking process photos for you guys though because it is looking really good. Anyway, its not a care issue.

Perhaps they are eating something poisonous. I tried that. Problem with that is that they should all be acting strange or sick if that were the case because they all eat the same things. Mystery unsolved. I tried backyardchickens.com with a forum, but I didn’t get a clear result.

4 Comments on “What’s Got You Down Little Ducky?

  1. Are they females? Have they started to lay eggs and are you feeding them calcium? If their eggshells are too soft, they can get “impacted”. That is one thing I could think of. If you send me more info., maybe I could help. We’ve lost 2 to predators, one drowned (yes, ducks drown) and a goose died from being too broody in winter (wasn’t eating enough, kept laying even in winter).


    • If you have an email I can’t find it, so comments it is. So, it turned out, and I hadn’t had a chance to update the blog, we have all drakes. Their tail feathers curled, everyone I have. The first one may have been a hen. After that I rechecked the others and all of them were drakes


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