Dragon Con in Recap

Dragon Con was a blast. There was good and bad. The good included some amazing cosplays, seeing John barrowman, Matt smith, Alex Kingston, and Karen Gilan. We did some awesome parties too. My favorite cosplay was this dad and daughter doing Logan and his daughter. I found a new rooftop viewing spot I loved. I learned I like hooters, and cider mixed with fireball.

The bad was pretty rough. First, I didn’t get to cosplay because the hair salon didn’t have my color when I went in, though I attempted to give them notice. Also, Saturday was rather rough. There were folks coming in who were being inappropriate and many could see on the news the people who got hurt. I nearly got crushed at the parade and struggled with some anxiety with the crowds.

What I always like to do for myself is keep track of things I will use for next year or do differently.

1. Use an extra rolling bag

2. Give extra time for hair dying

3. Be in shape so I’m not in pain from exercise I’m not used to

4. Watch the parade on TV or from a parking deck

5. Board gaming pass was not worth it

6. Don’t be afraid to talk to disabilities services

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