When is it Time?

I’m often asked why I don’t focus my hobby farm on horses, since I know them best. Horses are tricky to make money from, expensive and time intensive. That’s the short answer. The longer answer is what happened tonight. My husband is a large man, tall and thick. He needed a horse big enough for him, and he’s a beginner, since lesson stables seldom keep a horse big enough for him. Generally a well trained horse of that size is not cheap. A minimum of $4000. I came across a horse of the right size came across my path. Some training, mostly just rusty. I had him at a boarding facility where he made some progress. The trial month was up, and it was time to move to the newly purchased farm. Once here, the craziness of a new house, a new job and a honeymoon took over. My very well trained 9 year old Belgian quarter horse has dealt with that moderately well. Still lunging ok, but I haven’t ridden yet. Not good, but I imagine she will be fine. Snow fire has kicked out at me once, but I found error in what I was doing. Today he kicked michael, simply because he was trying to assist in the lunging, by walking him in a circle. Just walking. When is it time to get rid of a horse? When they are losing value by picking up bad behavior, and is a danger.

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