Soft Hearted Farming

When I decided I would be starting a hobby farm with my husband, I knew I had a weakness. I am soft hearted when it comes to animals. I always have been. So as many of you know we ended up with five drakes. Many people when this happens will either sell those drakes or eat those ducks. The problem is I’ve had them since they were babies. I mean they were not much bigger than a half dollar. So now I have ducks that I don’t know what to do with. Maybe I will just try to sell them as breeders. And our future industries will have to take this into account.

4 Comments on “Soft Hearted Farming

  1. My husband is the same way so I dispatch them. The way I look at it is, since we eat meat then we need to be responsible where it comes from. Our drakes have had a great summer foraging, splashing, and raping our ducks. That is a pretty great life for a duck. Most breeders don’t need many drakes because one drake can satisfy up to 14 ducks. I also refuse to buy sexed poultry because the drakes are offed before they even get a chance at life. I reckon that this is a better life for them. And while we’d love to keep them (we have a pet goose and Pekin duck), too many drakes are brutal to the females. I know it is hard but see if someone else will process for them for you? Or if your husband would. This year with 23 chickens, I’m making my husband help. I’ll do the offing but he has to help prepare them. And I know those ducks and chickens that fill our freezer this winter had a pretty amazing summer!


    • We definitely aren’t vegetarians. Thanks for the thoughts on the sexed chicks, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I guess I feel bad we didn’t get a nice set up for them like I wanted this summer. If nothing else I suppose I could sell them for meat. I think my husband might be able to. I know the drakes need to go. Thankfully they aren’t old enough yet. Or I could offer them for free for pets. I will think of something but you’re right, some drakes definitely need to go for my hens. Maybe


      • ☺ It has taken us awhile to get it figured out with our drakes. First two years, I’d have a friend come off them and I’d process. This was my 1st of doing it all myself. Not easy but you’ll figure something out.


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