Getting Inky

I am reviewing a book today that has been out for awhile. Why? Because there are great books that get ignored because they are not written about, or still talked about. The book I am discussing is Inkspell. It is the sequel to Inkheart. The author, Cornelia Funke, has written many great books, though I have only read the two I've already mentioned, Dragon Rider, and The Thief Lord. I want to discuss this book because I have been pleasantly surprised. I found it difficult to get through Inkheart. The story was good but it felt as though it dragged on. I often find that the second book in a trilogy is the weakest, but I think Inkspell is far stronger than Inkheart. The basics you need to know for the whole ink trilogy is that Mo, a book binder, has a special gift. His wife vanished when his daughter Meggie was quite small and it was related to this gift or curse. Beyond that, I can't tell you much without spoiling the books. Inkspell was much more sophisticated than Inkheart. There is a stronger sense of urgency, as though the play games of childhood have passed. The danger is more than ever before, and the characters seem more human now. No one is perfect and the complex layers of those characters is finally visible.
It is worth the read. You can get mass market paperbacks for less than $10.
I may revisit and share thoughts on the Inkheart movie. Anyone interested?

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