The Odds Were Not in Our Favor

We wanted ducks for several reasons. The biggest reason is that I love ducks. The other reasons is we were thinking that we would sell eggs. It was cheaper and quite frankly more exciting to go to tractor supply and pick up ducklings. I knew how to identify the khakis, and wanted to do it that way.

The Hubs, aka Michael, is good at math. Not just good, he loves it. He is great at that and organizing. He figured that if we got 6 ducks odds were we would get at least 3 hens. It was a good guess. However…

You can determine for sure what sex a duck is based on its tail feathers once it reaches a certain age, for mine around 15 weeks. When it happens it looks like this
Well, our plans to sell eggs are on hold. Right now we think we have 4 drakes and 2 hens. That translates into about a dozen eggs a week. Not good for selling. We are not going to get more until we have the ducks set up completely. Next time, we will be buying pre sexed ducklings!

4 Comments on “The Odds Were Not in Our Favor

  1. Last year, out of 12 ducks we ended up with three hens. And one of the hens was eaten by a fox. :/ This year we did four ducks and have three hens – phew. Such a crap shoot. But drakes are mighty tasty! I have one in the crockpot right now.


      • We have Ancona. They are egg birds but we’ve been eating the drakes every summer. I’m sure khakis would be good too. Not as beefy as Pekins but still good.
        They are hard to pluck so I simply skin them. I know people love the skin and fat but I don’t have that kind of time/patience.


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