Found Treasures

Since the move I have been missing something I love. My 3DS. Yes, as an adult I still have one. I really only use it for one thing: Pokémon. I still love it. I'm currently working my way through Pokémon Sun and Moon. I don't use it for much else really. I just found out my Saladit won't evolve and am quite sad.

While I'm on my Geek Blog post I have to share about another treasure we recovered. We found our board games! I didn't know about the games beyond family style until I was in college. The Gateway Game for me was Settlers of Catan. Later a boss showed me more. My current list of loves include:

Settlers of Catan, something's don't change
Pandemic, my brother in law had to teach me, more on that later
Forbidden Island

I also just learned there is a whole section at DragonCon for board games! As for the Pandemic story, let's just say it's rude to constantly question someone trying to teach you something

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