The Pump

As I mentioned in a previous post, our pump died. My dad is a plumber so we had a great ally in our corner. The problem is that my husband is an engineer. Unless you are an engineer or are married to one, you don't know what that means. Engineers are a rare breed. Often they think they are always right. Some lack common sense. All of them want to know how things work, debate, and generally be inquisitive. That doesn't sound bad right? Well imagine the craftsman type. The plumbers, electricians, and carpenters of the world. They may not know the science but it is their job to make it work (thanks Tim Gunn). The engineer often knows the science but hasn't done it first hand. The ask questions though, a lot of questions. Mix that with a craftsman whose goal is to do the best work in the shortest time and you get a recipe for disaster. In my case, we had water, both men were ok later, and I was left worried and tired. Point is, the water is back.

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