I’m Never Ready

It doesn't matter how much I brace myself I am never ready for new Game of Thrones. Be warned: that be spoilers ahead

Reaction to the whole episode: I wasn't ready for that. Michael aka the hubs found this hilarious. Here is a realistic image of me following the episode

Why was I so messed up? We knew Euron was going for someone. I thought his priceless gift would be Danerys' or Tyrion's head. I should have known better though because Euron is crazy but not stupid.

My current fan theories and thoughts:

-Dany and Jon will wed. It will be a way to align the North without demanding a bent knee, something the North would appreciate.

-If Westeros is to survive the Dragons will go north.

-Sansa, if she survives, will be wardeness of the North. No clue who she will marry because

-I will be shocked if Littlefinger survives the season, but then he is slippery….

-If Petyr dies something must bring the Vale in line. The easiest option would be Arya marrying Robin but we all know how likely that is…

-Jaime will end up killing Cersei

-Tyron is actually a Targaryean by the mad king

My questions:

Who inherits highgarden now?
Who controls Dorne now?
Who inherits Storms End?
Is Edmure even still alive?
What happens when all the nobles are dead?

Also the episode made me interested in what bastards in other places are called, so:

The Crownlands, aka Kings Landing and Dragonstone. Families vary but traditionally think Targaryan. Surname: Waters

The North aka Winterfell, the Starks, Mormonts, etc: We know, Snow

Dorne: Sands, like Snow we knew this one

The Iron Islands, home of Greyjoys, surname: Pyke

The Riverlands: The Tullys, Freys, etc, not to imaginative, are Rivers

The Vale, aka the Eeryrie, think the Arryins, are Stone

The Westerlands, aka Casterly Rick and the Lannisters, are referred to as Hill

The Reach, meaning High Garden and the Tyrells are as expected Flowers

And Last, The Stormlands, home of Baratheons and Storms End. Not imaginative, but having the surname Storm is better than like Stone.

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