Dragon Con

Dragon Con is an Atlanta institution. In short, it is a conference with appearances by various authors, actors, and others associated with different fandoms. A fandom simply refers to the fans of certain things such as Harry Potter. There are panels with other fans where people are speculating, geeking out together and generally having a blast.
We went for the first time last year and loved it. We just dipped our toes in the water last time, but this year we plan to do more. One thing I'm looking forward to is I intend to cosplay this year, whereas last year I did not. Cosplaying is dressing up as favorite characters. The Con is 5 days. I will dress up 2, maybe 3 days. I am going with a red head theme. I like my hair being red from time to time. I will be doing Jessica Hamby from True Blood one day, and the other I will be Ygritte from Game of Thrones. I'm thinking of maybe adding Merida from Brave. She is my favorite princess. I am having to consider Atlanta heat as well though. The Con is over Labor Day which is not cool in Georgia. Look for pics soon. The Con is a little over a month away
For those who may be wondering what the Hubs is doing, right now he knows one day he will be the 9th Doctor, but he is still deciding for the other day. Maybe a Snow…

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