Daisy Duke

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of full adult feathers so we could tell them apart and properly name them. To our shock, Daisy is not Daisy. You see, we were told when we rescued her she was a mallard. Except then as she lost her down it became apparent she was white. Ok, so maybe a partially albino mallard. Part of the question became what if she's a Pekín. Simply put, she's too small to be a Pekín, so we are some kind of confused. Until I went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. At the petting zoo, we encountered a different breed of duck called a Call Duck. They were used to bring out wild ducks for hunters. They looked like small Pekíns but loud! We sexed them by call, and Daisy was loud. The problem is some curly white feathers appeared. We now know that Daisy is in fact, Duke.

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