Oh the Ducks!

I have been searching for solutions for what we need for our ducks. They have been in a temporary enclosure since we got them. Well, at first, they were in a brooder, aka our bath tub.


I can’t believe how much bigger they are now! Anyway, next time I do ducklings it will not be in my bath tub. It was perfect for the ducklings, but trying to remove all traces of them has been difficult. I do not recommend! Anyway, from here we graduated to a small outdoor enclosure that I adapted from chickens for my ducklings. It isn’t generally a good idea, I’ll be honest, because they can fall from the ramp. The problem was I was caught off guard by how much I needed them out of the bathroom and how quickly they grew! I have some solid carpentry skills (look for future projects if not related to the farm in the hobbies blog), but I have been in need of a work table for those projects for awhile now. So, until I get the work table, those projects are on hold. I still need the outdoor option, and quickly, so this was the solution:


As you can see for 7 ducks, its not going to last very long. Next we added temporary fencing using this coop and the my chain link backyard fence. The problem is that it is not very sturdy, and we still don’t have a solid watering and pond. I never knew how quickly they could completely and utterly ruin a pond! I now know as they have been using a small dog pond. The next step is a bigger enclosure, a better house, and a pond/watering solution that won’t need to be cleaned every day. So far, we’ve picked the new spot, and we will use rabbit fencing with a gate for the enclosure. I even found a free dog house on craigslist that the roof comes off. I’ll change the floor to hard wire clothe and it will be good to go. The pond is the trick. I haven’t found a pump and filter on the market that says it can handle the type of mess that ducks create. My dad is a plumber though, and I’m taking the issue to him. I found this idea online. Maybe it will work. Take a look and give me your opinion! Or, if you know a better solution, tell me!



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