Introducing Us

Hello everyone reading! My name is Cayla Lambert. My husband Michael and I bought 10 acres of land in the beautiful area outside of Atlanta. We are starting pretty much from scratch. The land is beautiful but it used to be part of a bigger parcel of land. Essentially that means we don’t have any buildings, and our fencing is mainly perimeter fencing.

All About the Property

The Pros: The land is mostly pasture land, and is fenced in around the perimeter. The grass is mostly bermuda. The land is beautiful. It is the kind of place that you find yourself falling in love with and seeing your whole life unfold in the field. Also we are on a well, but have access to city water.

The Cons: Much of the field is terraced. There is no stream, creek, or spring to speak of. There are no buildings left on the property. The house is really close to the road. A ton of the fencing is barbed wire, which is not good for horses.

Some History: The property used to be a cattle farm. It has been in the same family for many years before we bought it. The land for miles around all used to belong to this family (I won’t name them since I don’t have their permission). The neighbor to one side is a member of this family. To the other side is a tiny house that was carved out of the property we own. They are not related to this family, but they have a ton of kids running around. We like both neighbors but are not close- yet.


Our Plans

Unfortunately, we aren’t completely clear here. There are so many possibilities we haven’t set a clear path. I know I don’t have the heart to raise animals for meat, so that is out. Maybe we will have a petting zoo? A wedding venue? Raise rabbits and goats as pets? Honey? Get permission to sell cider and wine? There are a million possibilities and we are taking it one step at a time. Right now we need to deal with the lack of structures on the property. We moved in April and with us came two horses, a dog and a cat. About a month after we moved 7 ducks joined the family. The current projects include a shed to store saddles and other horse supplies in, a larger duck enclosure including a pond that has some kind of filter and pump, and a work table to get the wood shop (aka the basement) in better working order. Foremost project, learning to create websites better.Field For more information check out the About Us section

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