Hello, and welcome to Oso Vino Farm’s webpage. We are under construction right now, both online and on the farm, but feel free to look around, share our page and contact us.

If you are looking for our blogs on Food, Health and Beauty, Technology, or general nerdiness head here: https://osovinolife.wordpress.com/

Oso Vino Farm is a ten acre farm located in Georgia around an hour from Atlanta. We are currently in the process of setting up the farm. We moved in April 2017, and with us came four of our animals, Holly, Snowfire, Willy, and Peeps (look for information about them on the About Us page). That meant we had to immediately work on the fences. Shortly after them came Daisy and the ducks. After that we have a hold on new critters until we get a little bit more settled. We don’t know precisely which direction our farm is going to take.

We are also considering honey, gardening (beyond our needs), and a few other ideas that I will keep under wraps for now. Have any suggestions for us? Contact us!